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Category Review


Category Review

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Quick Overview

This Extension allows the users to write reviews about a particular category, not a product. Category Review is made for the category manager from category positioning to competitor’s strategy, the category review aloud category manager to follow the evolution of their category.

The review extension was created to provide the more comprehensive points and customers opinions and for your customer to express their views and thoughts related to the product. Since, one of the most important factors while buying the products is the other customers review about the product. This extension will make store more interactive, engaging and informative from the customer point of view and returning shopper. This will allow you to create the different rating that will support the theme of your website.

Some Feature:

  1. Get more product reviews and display them nicely
  2. Send review reminders automatically or manually
  3. Configure reminder settings based on different criteria
  4. Create reminders for orders that were completed before the extension installation
  5. Track reminders effectiveness
  6. Configure the reviews block based on rating, length, product category, reviews per product
  7. Place the reviews block on any static page.